Michelin gives its seal of approval to Spring Moon once again as The Peninsula Hong Hong’s renowned Cantonese fine dining restaurant retains its star

Hailed as a pillar of quality gastronomy and one of the city’s most revered dining destinations since it first opened its doors in 1928, The Peninsula Hong Kong celebrates its second award-winning year within the Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau 2018. The hotel’s world-renowned Cantonese fine-dining restaurant, Spring Moon, has retained its coveted gong once again in the Hong Kong Macau guide, which celebrates its tenth anniversary edition.


An enduring bastion of the Hong Kong dining scene, Spring Moon has been widely acclaimed for its classic yet innovative take on Cantonese fine dining and dim sum since its opening in 1986. Designed to recreate the vintage opulence of an art deco Shanghai mansion in the 1920s, the restaurant is a feast for the senses and the perfect platform for Cantonese cuisine at its finest.


Mr Joseph Chong, Area Vice President and Managing Director, The Peninsula Hong Kong and The Peninsula Shanghai, heralded the win as: “An honour and a recognition of the standout talent of Chinese Cuisine Executive Chef Gordon Leung and his dedicated kitchen team. This is not only a testament to the hard work and creativity of the team at Spring Moon today, but also to the chefs and staff that have built the restaurant’s reputation for consistently crafting superlative Cantonese cuisine for the past 31 years. We are incredibly proud that the restaurant will once again be recognised in the Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau 2018.”


Having previously earned a Michelin star during his 21-year tenure as the Head Chef of Fook Lam Moon, Chef Leung brings a wealth of experience, as well as passion and creativity to the Spring Moon kitchen, which – under the overall guidance of The Peninsula Group Executive Chef Florian Trento – continues to take Cantonese cuisine to new heights of creativity and excellence.


A master of the full spectrum of traditional Chinese cooking techniques, Chef Leung is known for creating dishes that perfectly balance tradition and innovation. Drawing on an encyclopaedic knowledge of ingredients and the intricacies of their flavours, Chef Leung places great emphasis on the authenticity, freshness and flavours of each morsel, an approach that has won him a legion of fans among Hong Kong’s social glitterati.


In addition to the sublime Cantonese dishes and exquisite dim sum for which it is best known, Spring Moon has also been celebrated as a culinary pioneer for its highly-coveted, handcrafted mini egg custard mooncakes and its signature X.O. sauce.


Spring Moon’s ever-popular mooncakes were first created in 1986, and have become the city’s most sought-after mooncakes every Mid-Autumn Festival. The egg custard flavour, which was adopted in Chinese pastry for the very first time by Spring Moon’s chefs, turned over a new leaf in mooncake history, making this western pastry-inspired filling one of the most popular mooncake flavours in the world!


Likewise, Spring Moon has been producing its signature X.O. sauce since the restaurant first opened its doors, making The Peninsula the first hotel to do so. Originally served as a complimentary appetiser, the condiment became so popular that it was made available to purchase by the jar the following year. And to this day, X.O. sauce remains the most popular condiment in many Chinese restaurants, and one of Hong Kong’s most popular souvenirs. In another notable first, the restaurant was also the first to introduce a Chinese Chef’s Table to Hong Kong, in 2001.