Yi Long Court Handmade Abalone Sticky Rice Dumpling

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival With An Auspicious Michelin-Star Handmade Abalone Sticky Rice Dumpling

Indulge this Dragon Boat Festival with a luxurious interpretation of the classic Cantonese sticky rice dumpling ­– the perfect addition to the festive banquet table. Drawing inspiration from traditional Dragon Festival Zongzi, The Peninsula Shanghai’s first ever rendition reinvents gastronomic icons with the world-class expertise of Michelin-starred chefs.

The sticky rice parcel is a triumph of Chef Lai Wing Koon of two Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Yi Long Court. With over 40 years in the industry, Chef Lai is an unparalleled Chinese Dim Sum Master who combines an intimate knowledge of his ancestral cuisine and the superlative standards of luxury gastronomy to reimagine timeless dishes that epitomize culinary heritage of Hong Kong and southern China.

Each handmade Yi Long Court abalone sticky rice dumpling is crafted with premium, hand-selected ingredients to guarantee the essence of flavour and fragrance stipulated by the key principles of Cantonese cuisine. The robust flavours of pork belly and dried scallop, free-range salted egg yolk and are combined with the earthiness of mushrooms, sweetness of Chinese chestnut and sweetness of fresh shelled green beans. Each dumpling is crowned with a premium quality four-head abalone – a distinguished Cantonese delicacy. Cradled within a body of delicately perfumed Chinese glutinous rice and preserved in an aromatic lotus and bamboo leaf wrap, each artfully constructed Yi Long Court abalone sticky rice dumpling is a symphony of flavour and aromas. Traditional Handmade Sticky Rice Dumplings with abalone will also be available to cater for larger parties and banquets featuring an already abundant array of rich festive dishes and Cantonese delicacies.

Available to enjoy at Yi Long Court or for purchase at The Peninsula Boutique and Yi Long Court, the handmade abalone sticky rice dumpling is poised to become the centrepiece of the family dining table this Dragon Boat Festival. Each handmade abalone sticky rice dumpling will be available on The Peninsula Shanghai’s Weidian, offering free delivery and a voucher for 8% off on the Yi Long Court handmade mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival ordering before end of


The Yi Long Court Abalone Sticky Rice Dumpling and Traditional Sticky Rice Dumpling are priced at RMB 488 and RMB 308 respectively. Vouchers are available from 18 May, 2018. Yi Long Court Sticky Rice Dumplings are handmade and released in limited batches.

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