One of Japan’s most acclaimed chefs and the culinary maestro behind two-Michelin-starred restaurant Zeniya in the city of Kanazawa, Chef Shinichiro Takagi is bringing his unique talents to Felix for two nights only on 24 and 25 May 2018. Through a six-course menu paired with Kagatobi sakes, Chef Takagi will serve up his elegant and modern interpretation of Kanazawa’s rich gastronomic history amid the sumptuous surrounds of The Peninsula’s iconic 28th-floor restaurant.


Drawing on a profound appreciation for nature and a deep respect for the achievements of Japan’s culinary pioneers, Chef Takagi’s cooking is based on an acute understanding of the changing seasons and the various ingredients that are freshest at particular times. At Felix, the chef will be pairing his sophisticated menu with sakes by Kagatobi, a Kanazawa artisanal brewer that uses high quality rice to create undiluted sakes with a distinctive fragrance and a rich yet mellow flavour.


The highlights are the steamed nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch) accented with dashi and ginger, and paired with Kagatobi Junmai Ginjo, which has a fruity nose and an abundance of rice notes. This is followed by a delicate serving of yellowfin tuna, sea urchin, lobster and chirizu sauce paired with Kagatobi Yamahai Junmai Super Dry, which is brewed using a time-honoured traditional process that results in a full-flavoured sake with perfect acidity.


The spotlight of the meal will be Beef Jibuni Wasabi, which has been the signature dish at Zeniya since 2008. Traditionally a stew made from duck or chicken, Jibuni is one of the most famous dishes from Kanazawa and dates back to the Edo period (1603–1867). Chef Takagi’s modern version, however, uses high-grade beef and comes paired with Kagatobi ‘Sennichi-Kakoi’ Junmai Daiginjo, a 1,000-day-aged sake made from high-quality Yamada-Nishiki rice to give it a mature and rich flavour.


The exclusive menu with sake pairing is priced at HK$ 3,488 (+10% service charge). Seats are very limited. To make a reservation, please call +852 2696 6778.


About Chef Shinichiro Takagi

Born in Kanazawa in 1970, Shinichiro Takagi served his apprenticeship at Kyoto Kitcho, one of Japan’s top restaurants known for its traditional kaiseki cuisine. He then returned to Kanazawa and to Zeniya, a modest local eatery originally opened by his father in the year of his birth. Combining technical skill with his knowledge of the cuisine of one of Japan’s most illustrious culinary regions, Chef Takagi elevated the experience of dining at Zeniya to ever-greater heights, attracting gastronomic pilgrims from all over the world and receiving two Michelin stars in 2016. Chef Takagi was also appointed chairman of The Real Japan Ishikawa Project Committee in 2009, an organisation formed to promote Ishikawa as a travel destination and to spread the region’s culinary traditions around the globe. Since then, he has been invited as a guest chef to some of the world’s most famous hotels and restaurants.