February 20 to 26, 2017
The Peninsula Manila joins the call to save the Philippine seas and preserve the marine ecosystem for the world’s future generations by joining the Sustainable Seafood Week
for the second year


Making smart seafood choices has never been more confusing or more important for the planet and our health. You worry if the Sockeye Salmon you’re enjoying for dinner is overfished. You wonder if the Skipjack Tuna you’re about to slice into was caught in ways that harm other species or the environment.


The Peninsula Manila Executive Chef and sustainable seafood advocate Franco Diaz knows good fish, and in his usual humorous, but straightforward manner, he wants to untangle the morass surrounding seafood today. From shellfish to finfish to littlefish, he and his culinary team have prepared six dishes that he hopes will appeal to a wide range of culinary palates while driving home the message that the seas of the Philippines and the entire planet have to be saved.


“The Peninsula Manila’s participation in the Metro Manila-wide Sustainable Seafood Week is a celebration of food while being an avenue for sharing the best practices in sustainable fisheries. We want to raise awareness among seafood consumers of the problems plaguing the Philippine seas, particularly on the issue of unsustainable fishing practices that not only harm the marine environment but also threaten the country’s fisheries industry,” says Chef Franco Diaz.


“In my many years of working in the industry, I have come to realize that each one of us can do something to undo and reverse the near irreparable damage we have done to the environment. I have a responsibility as a person, but an even bigger responsibility as a chef,” he says.


Manila’s advocacy is in line with The Peninsula Hotels’ sustainability vision. On January 1, 2012, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH), parent company of The Peninsula Hotels, announced that it would stop serving shark fin at all its group operations, Mr Clement K.M. Kwok, Chief Executive Officer of HSH, said, “By removing shark fin from our menus, we hope that our decision can contribute to preserving the marine ecosystem for the world’s future generations. As Asia’s oldest hotel company, we also hope that our decision will inspire other hospitality companies to do the same and that our industry will play a role in helping to preserve the biodiversity of our oceans.”


Chef Diaz adds, “Sustainability plays a huge role in our philosophy as we want to preserve local seafood.” Each of the hotel’s restaurants – Old Manila, Spices and The Lobby – will be highlighting existing seafood dishes that uses seafood that has been ethically and sustainably fished and harvested. Old Manila has the Sustainable Sautéed Gambas (served with Mediterranean Tabbouleh, cumin, basil and lemon); Spices will be serving Pung Pla Tuna Yung (Grilled sustainable line-caught tuna belly with garlic dipping sauce) and Goong Phow (whole jumbo prawns with sweet corn, bell pepper in tamarind sauce); and at The Lobby one can enjoy Shrimp Pot Stickers (served with pickled daikon and chili soy sauce) and Salted Egg Prawns (served with bok choy, bell peppers, onion, garlic and chili). The buffet restaurant Escolta will feature a larger selection of seafood, including those that most people would consider “humbler varieties” and not five-star hotel worthy like curracha crab, selva shrimp, grilled fish of the day which may be enjoyed grilled or poached while fresh tuna and salmon are available at the sashimi station, but which make delicious additions to one’s list of edible marine life.


The Peninsula Manila’s GOOD FISH: SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD FESTIVAL runs from February 20 to 26, 2017.


For inquiries or further information on The Peninsula Manila’s GOOD FISH: SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD FESTIVAL, please call +63 (2) 887-2888, extension 6694 (Restaurant Reservations), email or visit the website