A Hub for World-class Art

The Peninsula Beijing is fast becoming a centre for art appreciation and artistic communication in the Chinese capital. It houses a museum-quality, rotating collection of over 800 contemporary Chinese paintings, sculptures, installations and photography. Moreover, the hotel has pioneered an innovative Artist in Residence programme, inviting artists to live and work under its roof, allowing them a platform upon which to showcase their artistry through exhibitions and contact with both guests of the hotel and the vibrant art community of the city and beyond.


The Peninsula Gallery

As part of the hotel’s landmark transformation in 2016 into the capital’s premier all-suite hotel, an art gallery was created on the third floor of the hotel. In-house guests can visit the gallery at any time since it remains open 24-hours a day. Exhibits change quarterly and provide the perfect venue to showcase works by the current resident artist. Meetings in the art studio with the artist-in-residence can also be arranged for a closer look at the creative process and one-to-one discussions with the artist. Not only does the hotel host a variety of art-appreciation cocktail parties at the gallery, it has deep connections to the key players in Beijing’s burgeoning art scene. Private tours to notable institutions and invitations to private art dinners and exhibition previews can all be arranged through its Keys to the City programme.


Turkish Art Series

2018 marks Turkish Tourism Year in China. Not surprisingly, The Peninsula Beijing is supporting the occasion in the way it knows best: through art. With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, the Turkish Embassy in Beijing and Turkish Airlines, over the course of the year, the hotel will be welcoming four renowned Turkish artists to take up residency at the hotel.


Devrim Erbil – 11 April to 10 May 2018

As one of Turkey’s preeminent artists, Devrim Erbil has won countless awards and his works are hung in prestigious museums and private collections around the world. After many years in academia at Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts and then Istanbul Dogus University, Faculty of Arts and Design, in 2015, Erbil formed the Devrim Erbil Art, Culture and Education Foundation. His work has been described as catching the rhythm and mystery of nature. Deeply connected to his hometown, Istanbul is at the heart of his creativity and artistic inspiration. Erbil’s master pieces will be at The Peninsula Beijing for a month starting in April.


Yalcin Gokcebag and Ahmet Yesil – 27 September to 13 November 2018

With a keen visual sensibility, Yalcin Gokcebag worked as a cameraman for Turkish Radio Television for 20 years. He also taught at the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Fine Arts. With 50-plus exhibitions worldwide to his name, as well as numerous awards, he is one of Turkey’s principal artists. He lives and works in Ankara in his studio at Armoni Art Gallery. His pastoral paintings capture a rural way of life in the Turkish countryside. Often painted from an elevated perspective, these scenes of country life take on a unique quality, allowing us to view familiar scenes with fresh eyes.


Ahmet Yeşil lives in Mersin, Turkey. He is a member of the UNICEF International Association of Plastic Arts. In addition to private art collections in Turkey, he has paintings in important foreign collections mainly in Germany, America, Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Exhibitions of his works count in the hundreds and he has received 24 awards in national and international contests. The central motif running through his work is that of rope and string, which take on abstract forms and patterns. He explains it thus: “The rope and string through which I adopted the language of the plastic, have been stripped of their objective definition and have taken over their own narrative.”


Metin Kalkizoglu – 15 November to 31 December 2018

A rising star of the Turkish art world, Kalkizoglu has exploded onto the scene since graduating from Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 2014. Prolific in his output, many of his works now hang in private and state collections. He has exhibited not only in Turkey but also in France, Spain and Taiwan. A versatile painter, Kalkizoglu’s landscapes emit a floating, dreamlike quality, whilst his portraits display an honesty and a control of light and shadow reminiscent of the Dutch masters. Kalkizoglu is an artist to watch and do not miss him in November and December at The Peninsula Beijing.